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Ceramics by Jenny

Wildflower Queen Anne's Lace MINI Mug #140- (5.5 oz.)

Wildflower Queen Anne's Lace MINI Mug #140- (5.5 oz.)

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This darling Queen Annes Lace MINI mug is fit for espresso shots, demis or little lattes! This piece is wheel thrown with stoneware clay and hand decorated with glossy glaze. It’s glossy white speckled interior contrasts favourably with its raw speckled tan exterior. The Queen Anne’s lace wraps all the way around and is finished off with an orange creamsicle coloured handle, totally delightful!

Holds approximately 5.5 oz.

All glazes are food safe. All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, although hand washing is encouraged. Being handmade, each individual piece may vary slightly in glazing and size.

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