Meet the Maker

Hey there, I'm Jenny, the lady behind all the cute pottery. Here's a little about me!

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but I've been calling Vancouver Island home since 2012. Ever since I was young I've been drawn to art, living life vibrantly, and creating things. I followed my passion to art school and graduated from Emily Carr with a degree in photography.

My journey with clay really began in 2019 when I bought an old secondhand kick-wheel and a manual workhorse kiln off marketplace and decided to dive into pottery! Fast forward to now (I've since upgraded to an electric wheel and a slab roller, though I've kept the same kiln, giving it a computer brain upgrade) I spend my days making pottery, raising spicy little humans, and working at a craft distillery in the Cowichan Valley. Life is a busy and delicate dance!

I find immense joy in crafting these cute and colourful ceramics and I'm delighted to have you welcome them into your homes and lives! Thanks so much for reading a little about me (:

Alright, bye for now! Jenny