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Ceramics by Jenny

Flower Block Mug #6-*SECOND* (14 oz.)

Flower Block Mug #6-*SECOND* (14 oz.)

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Discounted due to a slightly warped rim. Not perfectly round or evenly oval but a bit askew.  Purely an aesthetic flaw; piece is fully functional and food safe.

This hand built piece of magic was inspired by sweet picnic blankets and tile jobs that dreams are made of! Hand stamped, painted and slab built, this speckled stoneware mug has a slightly more organic shape than the wheel thrown pieces. Interior and handle are a glossy white with a mix of colourful glazes for the block and flower details.

Holds approximately 14 oz

All glazes are food safe. All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, although hand washing is encouraged. Being handmade, each individual piece may vary slightly in glazing and size.

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